Submitting/Commenting on essays


Before you can submit essays on the site:

1. You need to sign up for a CMS account at UBC. Go to and click on “new user.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 4.16.13 PM

You’ll find this box on the right of

Then follow the instructions there for how to set up an account at CMS.

2. Send me an email with the email address address you used for your CMS account, and then I’ll be able to invite you to use this site.

3. You’ll get an email from the site inviting you to be a user of the site. Follow any instructions in the email and you should be set.


After you’ve done that…

Here is a video that says how to submit essays on this site, and how to comment on them on this site. You must have gotten a CMS account through the above instructions first!


Some important things to note

  • Please be sure, when you copy and paste your essay into the box on the submission page, that there is a line break between each paragraph so that there is space to put comments off to the right of each paragraph. (see around the 50 second mark of the video)
  • If you type comments in the comment box at the bottom of each submission, those will ONLY be visible to the author of the essay and to me. They won’t be visible to others in the tutorial. Your comments should go off to the side as described in the video (though if you feel you have something you want only the author and me to see, you can put them in the bottom box). (see starting around the 4:30 mark in the video)
  • If you use Pages as a word processing program, please save as a Word doc in Pages (use “save as”) first, then copy and paste into the text box. Otherwise it seems to do weird stuff to the formatting.



Here is the link to this video on YouTube: