Syllabus and reading/essay/tutorial schedules


Full syllabus for Hendricks’ seminar

Includes the schedules listed below for the readings/lectures/tutorials and also the essay due dates–for Term 1 only. It also has more information related to our seminar group, including what goes into the participation mark.

— The following files are the same thing, in two different formats

Syllabus for Hendricks’ seminar (MS Word)

Syllabus for Hendricks’ seminar (PDF)


Reading/lecture/tutorial schedule

Please see here for a copy of the Term 1 schedule in PDF format:Lecture & Reading Schedule, Fall 2016 (PDF)

Here is a copy of the Term 2 schedule in PDF format: Lecture, Reading, Tutorial schedule term 2, Spring 2017 (PDF)

I changed the schedule below to be for Term 2, Jan-April 2017.




     Date           Reading                                             Lecturer                  Tutorials

Tues. Jan. 3, 5pm, LSK 200 Brecht, Galileo Jason Lieblang German novellen
(Str. 2)
(from term 1)
Jan. 9 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari:

(Here’s another version of Caligari that I like the music for better myself, and I think the quality of how some of the scenes look is better.)

Berlin Symphony of A Great City:

Man with A Movie Camera

(Version of Man with a Movie Camera shown in lecture (has English translations of text at beginning)

Jason Lieblang and Katia Bowers (guest) Brecht
(Str. 1)
Jan. 16 Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper” and other writings, plus selections from Mitchell (online) Christina Hendricks Weimar cinema
(Str. 2)
Jan. 23 Carter, The Bloody Chamber, plus

Fairy tales by Charles Perrault from this page:
  • Blue Beard
  • Puss in Boots
  • Little Red Riding Hood
and also Beauty and the Beast by Perrault:
Miguel Mota Gilman & Mitchell (Str. 1)
Jan. 30 Dabydeen, Slave Song and other poems Miguel Mota Carter
(Str. 2)
Feb. 6 Foucault, selections from Discipline & Punish Christina Hendricks Dabydeen (Str. 1)
Feb. 14 (Tues), 5pm, LSK 200 Mulvey, “Visual Pleasure & Narrative Cinema”: use your CWL login to get this article here:

Hitchcock, Vertigo (film)

Christina Hendricks and Jason Lieblang Foucault
(Str. 2)
Feb. 20 Reading week: no classes
Feb. 27 Morrison, Jazz Miguel Mota Mulvey/Hitchcock (Str. 1)
March 6 Hausman, Riding the Trail of Tears, plus machinima from David Gaertner (guest) Morrison (Str. 2)
March 13 Sebald, Austerlitz Miguel Mota and Jason Lieblang Hausman (Str. 1)
March 20 Bechdel, Fun Home plus selections from Nick Sousanis, Unflattening and Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics (on library reserve) Jason Lieblang Sebald
(Str. 2)
March 27 Auster, City of Glass
Karasik & Mazzuchelli, City of Glass (graphic novel)
Miguel Mota and Jason Lieblang Bechdel (Str. 1)
April 3 No reading; this week is for review for final City of Glass
(Str. 2)



Essay due date schedule


Here are the essay due dates for Term 1: Essay Due Dates for Fall 2016 (PDF)

Here they are for Term 2: Essay Due Dates, Spring 2017 (PDF)

The table below has the Term 2 essay due dates, Spring 2017

Stream 1

Topic Lecture date Essay due
Brecht, Galileo TBA Jan. 9
Gilman & Mitchell Jan. 16 Jan. 23
Dabydeen Jan. 30 Feb. 6
Mulvey/Hitchcock TBA Feb. 27
Hausmann, Riding Trail of Tears March 6 March 13
Bechdel & other selections March 20 March 27


Stream 2

Topic Lecture date Essay due
Weimar cinema & Vertov Jan. 9 Jan. 16
Carter, The Bloody Chamber Jan. 23 Jan. 30
Foucault, selections from Discipline & Punish Feb. 6 Feb. 13 or 14 (Feb. 13 is holiday)
Morrison, Jazz Feb. 27 March 6
Sebald, Austerlitz March 13 March 20
City of Glass (2 versions) March 27 April 3


Presentation dates, Term 2

Here is the sign up sheet for presentations.


Tutorial times and members, Term 2

All tutorials are in my Arts One office, IBLC 373

Wed. 2-2:50
H.S. (str 1)
S.S.. (str 2)
K.T. (str 1)
Y.L. (str 2)

Wed. 3-3:50
J.A. (str 2)
J.D. (str 1)
T.B. (str 2)
P.W. (str 1)

Thurs 2-2:50
A.M (str 1)
J.I. (str 2)
N.N. (str 2)

Fri. 11-11:50
Z.R. (str 1)
C.Y. (str 1)
A.Z. (str 2)
M.L. (str 2)

Fri 2-2:50
H.R. (str 1)
D.C. (str 2)
M.F. (str 1)
K.Z. (str 2)