Writing/citing resources


Grammar/punctuation help

Here are some sites I’ve found useful for grammar and punctuation help, though I expect you can find many others through web searches!


Help with writing generally, outside of talking to Christina or your peers in Arts One

UBC does have a place where you can go to talk to others about your writing, called the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication. They have drop-in hours, as well as information on their website about writing more generally.


Citing sources

Citing poetry in MLA style

This is a useful, concise PDF document: http://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/writingcenter/upload/MLA%20In%20Text%20Citation%20of%20Poetry%20and%20Drama.pdf

Here’s a longer article with more detail about how to quote and cite poetry using MLA style (including how to use slashes between lines of poetry in quotes).


Academic Integrity

Here are some resources about what academic integrity is and how to avoid problems like plagiarism. It’s actually fairly easy to engaging in plagiarism in essays, even if you don’t mean to. Usually it’s a matter of learning how to paraphrase and cite sources correctly. The links below should help with such things.


UBC policies on academic integrity & academic misconduct


What is academic integrity?

The International Center for Academic Integrity explains integrity this way:

The International Center for Academic Integrity defines
academic integrity as a commitment to five fundamental
values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and
responsibility. We believe that these five values, plus the
courage to act on them even in the face of adversity, are
truly foundational to the academy.
This quote comes from The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity, a document in which they explain the five fundamental values in more depth.
UBC Library also has a website that explains academic integrity: http://help.library.ubc.ca/planning-your-research/academic-integrity-plagiarism/
— You can go to the tabs in that website to see information on avoiding plagiarism as well.

Avoiding plagiarism, how to paraphrase correctly

    • the “Plagiarism 101” part is good
    • this video on the site is also useful
    • Note: the site seems to exist in part to get you to use their plagiarism checker site, WriteCheck, which costs money, and which might require you to store personal information in the United States. I am not recommending you sign up for WriteCheck! You can use the plagiarism.org site without that.
  • Here’s a document that explains some common problems with paraphrasing incorrectly in a way sometimes referred to as “patchwriting.” It’s a common way to unintentionally end up plagiarizing.
  • Here are a couple of comprehensive tutorials on how to use quotations and paraphrases accurately to avoid plagiarism.


Instances of plagiarism in world beyond educational institutions

Some of these I have only URL’s for at the moment; I haven’t had time to write text descriptions yet!


Melania Trump plagiarizing parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech:


University of Alberta Dean of Medicine


Margaret Wente, columnist for The Globe and Mail newspaper (Canada)





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